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Local Athlete Invited to the NFL Combine Performs Well!

By Janice Coleman



The NFL Combine took place at the Indianapolis RCA Dome from February 23rd through February 26th.Abilene and the Big Country always seems to have gifted athletes from almost every major sport who move on and represent the area and football is no exception. Former Abilene High Eagle, David Roach, {{more}} is the gifted athlete invited to the NFL Combine this year, after a great college career as a defensive back at Texas Christian University.Roach represented Abilene and the Big Coutry well in the workouts on Tuesday, February 26th.He was a Top Performer in the Vertical Jump in the safety position, and there were only three other players in the whole combine who beat his jump of 38.0 and two players who tied his jump. He was also the Top Performer at the safety position in the 60-Yard Shuttle and third best overall with a time of 11.11. Roach was a Top Performer in the 3 Cone Drill and the 20 Yard Shuttle with times of 6.88 and 4.15 respectively.I had the privilege of speaking with David Roach after the Combine and asking him questions concerning the Combine and the future.Question: What was the most challenging part of the 3-½ day process?Answer: There was a lot more to it than just the workouts. There was the interviewing process by the different teams and their executive boards and coaches, a number of doctors checked out and evaluated everything and every part of your body, background and family checks were done, interviews by position coaches at any time were done, as well as psychological tests. Question: What was your favorite or best part of the process?Answer: Actually, just the opportunity to compete for a job in the NFL, showcasing skills, and meeting several coaches and future NFL players, as well as making new friends. Question: So, what’s next?Answer: Pro Day is next. NFL scouts who are interested will get to take another look at our skills in a closed private session at TCU. After that, it’s the NFL Draft in April. Question: Is there anything else you would like to add?Answer: Yes. I want to give thanks to God for opening doors that have allowed me to go out and compete for a job in the NFL and my family’s support as well.Roach has the God-given talent to make it. Let’s continue to follow his progress and support our local athletes in their endeavors to become professional athletes.

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