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Living in Hope One Day at A Time for a Brighter Future; Positive Changes in the Community Begin with the Individual

By Floyd Miller



Waking up with an alarm clock, the smell of fresh brewed coffee, the newspaper and looking forward to interacting with their supervisors and their co-workers is the routine for most people. There are some people, however, that long to have a good cup of {{more}} coffee and are living in hope one day at a time for a brighter future. It is difficult for some people to just have a normal day. Many people go to bed hungry. There are others who just forget to be thankful for the beautiful day and having had the opportunity to have been able to breathe fresh air one more time. More than likely these are the people who are living an “to each his own” attitude in a competitive society that has made up it’s mind to live for themselves because they feel the world owes them something. A word- competition – that keeps creeping in and rubbing off more in a negative connotation. What happened to the words – brotherhood, family, Christianity? It is sad, but what we have today continues to be taken for granted and it is scary when the attitudes are more noticeable in the younger generation who are supposed to be our future. It becomes a concern when some of the reasons lives are shortened are because of recklessness, taking risks, usually caused by those who simply have no remorse for interfering with other’s lives. These people live in a competition of outrage and hate that has become an excuse for them to engage in immorality to the point of breaking rules. Some families still have picnics and barbecues. For those individuals that have memories, the quality time spent as a family mattered and still is significant. A movie that fit the budget and brought about laughter for those of us who enjoy a good comedy. Parents who make time to take their children to the park. We might not be living in the “Leave It to Beaver” days, and even that show was sometimes “too good” for some people. What is wrong with family togetherness? Although, society seems to be changing, there is still room for family quality time. Families are a unit that is not created by this world. Each one of us has a unique past and memories of growing up and a future. The world, however, has become accustomed to the same manmade rules that affect society as a whole. The “one bad apple’ concept still ruins it for all the others. It is a system that is run by archaic laws that take away what belongs to the natural plan intended for each one of us. Too many “unhappy campers” rain on others “happy parades” when they cannot begin to know what real happiness is and take it upon themselves to destroy other’s happiness. Innocent people and children become the victims of these abusers. An abuse that is becoming more in the open, whether it is mental or physical. It is all the same. These people know how to use and con the system because they grew up getting their own way or not getting their own way at home. The word is well known as “manipulation”. A sad situation that deals with attitude more than likely grows from an unresolved disagreement or conflict at home. It is too emotional for the individual to handle and without proper guidance or ignorance of where to go for counseling or other help, the problem becomes other people’s problem affecting schools, the workplace, or wherever the attitude may end up with others who get the blame. The parents at fault are adult children raising children who were usually not raised properly themselves. It is scary that a majority of our population is affected by this kind of upbringing, and laws are getting stricter because of them. How can we put an end to this outrage and hate? It did not start overnight. We can begin with ourselves, and start by remembering the good things in life like the good memories we have of family. What is our purpose for being here in this world? We all have a reason to be here, and as adults we need to own up to our own responsibilities. Why not reflect on the good things, and try to find good in others. There is not one of us who is perfect, and we were created equal, but it does not mean individuals have a right to affect others with attitudes that create a hostile environment. It is up to each of us to begin each day with a positive attitude while trying to become the whole person disciplining ourselves through mind, spirit, soul, and body. We should not have to live in fear because of other’s unhappiness and abusive behavior. It is up to us to separate ourselves from those destructive forces that take our strength away and bring us down physically and mentally. When we take the log out of our own eyes, and start seeing the beauty that’s still there as we experience warmness inside of us, it affects the outside world in a positive way. When we help our fellowman to get back on track with his life, instead of judging him for being in poverty or for the circumstances he is in, we can make a difference by just caring more and loving each other. While there are some people who have just given up on life, there are those individuals that want to pick up the pieces, but only need encouragement or a little help. When we start changing the way we feel because negative attitudes rub off on us, positive changes can take place only when we ourselves decide to make a decision to learn to deal with situations from a more positive perspective. Overall, these changes we make will begin to surface for the better and will affect the community, and not in a “competitive” world, but a world of imperfection with room for positive growth if we all have a brotherhood Christian attitude.

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