Letter to the the Editor-Filthy 15

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By Joe Starkey | May 1, 2009

The NRDC compiled a list of the 15 worst states in respect to pollution that will be brought on bythe construction and operation of new coal plants. “The Filthy 15”, as they are called, are the 15 states that have the most pollution incoming along with new coal facilities.Texas ranks number one. That is not shocking to me, nor any of you I suppose. But here we are, leading the nation in current emissions and coal waste contamination, and we are the projected worst when it comes to implementing new technology, and relying on old, dirty, toxic coal. 8 coal plants are in the works at the moment and about 8 more may be applying for permits soon.TENASKA has given up on getting priority over all other customers for water from Sweetwater. They have now formally asked the Abilene City Council to give them our Abilene water. Again they want priority for a 30 year period over all others. City Manager Larry Gilley stated that public hearings will be held before any contracts are awarded. Abilene needs to let the city know how you feel about giving our water to this coal plant. Don’t forget the mercury that will be put in our water system by this plant.