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Let’s Get Political – The Candidate Speaks

By Floyd Miller




Travis Craver, Place 6

It is indeed a pleasure for the West Texas Tribune to bring you the thoughts of the individuals that are running for City Council. I hope that you will take time to read the candidates responses and please show up at the Polls to vote. I am sure you want that $1.00 a year salary to go to the most qualified person.  All candidates were invited to participate

1.      It appears that more and more of our leaders inside and out of politics are getting caught up in immoral behavior. If a person is a good administrator, do you believe their personal behavior is a non-issue? Answer: I think accountability across all boards including behavior is important for a person apart of any organization. There has to be trust between the governments officials and the citizens of Abilene.

2.      What do you feel like is the greatest challenge facing the city of Abilene, and what would you do to solve it? I think a growth area is the aging infrastructure. I am someone who believes and wants to partner with the citizens to tackle this head on. I believe in sound planning, addressing repairs such as a water and streets, and even thinking out of the box are some things that can move our town in the right direction. I am someone who believes in preparing a playbook that embraces a holistic view of our water, streets and aging infrastructure. 

3.      Sometimes the citizens have a cynical attitude when it comes to elected officials. The attitude is a – we versus them – attitude. What are you doing or what will you do to foster an environment where every citizen feels important? I think communicating frequently and having transparency in the role is vital. Having things such as a designated township, media relations, and possible public hearings are ways in which the wall can continue to come down for both sides.

4.      How do you believe the citizens of Abilene can help make this a better community? I think just continuing to be an active participant in communicating their hopes and dreams for the city. We all need to if we can volunteer our time, be kind as neighbors and support the various segments of Abilene that make our city so wonderful. These are practical ways in which we all can chip in.

5.      Do you believe that a person’s character is important in holding elected office? If you do please list one character trait one should have and state why you believe it? I absolutely believe a person’s character is extremely important in holding an elected office. Having a good character means the elected official is admirable, honest in not only his work but in his life.

6.      We have seen campaigns where individuals have been extremely mean to each other. Could you pay your opponent one compliment? I have but the opponents in our race for Place 6 have been respectful and kind to one another.

7.      If you could have dinner with anyone from the past or currently living, who would it be and why? James Baldwin because I love his genius and ability to explore social issues of his time. He is absolutely brilliant and I’ve always been a huge fan of his work. 

8.      Tell us a little about your family, hobbies, etc. I have a wife Caroline of 10 years and two children. Leah who is 5 and Linus who is 3.

9.      Do you have anything on your social media accounts that most people would consider to be offensive? I do not.

10.  Two of the current city councilman used inappropriate language in referring to their fellow citizens, when a vote came up to censure them, it failed because a majority of the councilman did not vote in favor of censure. Do you believe that your councilperson should be held to a high standard? Yes I absolutely believe that as a council member we are held to a high regard because we represent the people of Abilene and also our individual selves.

11.  Are you currently doing business with the City of Abilene, or do you intend to do so? I am not.

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