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Let’s Get Political – The Candidate Speaks

By Jessica Cantu




Jessica Cantu, Place 6

It is indeed a pleasure for the West Texas Tribune to bring you the thoughts of the individuals that are running for City Council.

I hope that you will take time to read the candidates responses and please show up at the Polls to vote. I am sure you want that $1.00 a year salary to go to the most qualified person.   All candidates were invited to participate.

It appears that more and more of our leaders inside and out of politics are getting caught up in immoral behavior. If a person is a good administrator, do you believe their personal behavior is a non-issue? Regardless of the gifts and talents that an individual possesses, personal behavior is always an issue. Especially if they are in a position of leadership their personal behavior should be held at a higher standard.

What do you feel like is the greatest challenge facing the city of Abilene, and what would you do to solve it? A strong city infrastructure and thriving economy is the foundation of great cities. Repairing our streets is one of our biggest challenges. Our city council and mayor are currently addressing this and I would come in and support what they are already doing, making sure this stays a top priority.

An equally important challenge, are families that are living in poverty or struggling to provide with minimum wage jobs. I would encourage bringing in companies to our city that not only provide jobs but higher paying jobs to help our citizens become more self-sufficient and better able to provide for their families.

Sometimes the citizens have a cynical attitude when it comes to elected officials. The attitude is a – we versus them – attitude. What are you doing or what will you do to foster an environment where every citizen feels important? My goal is to unite the citizens of our city with government officials, and city resources, working together to make our city better. I am a working mom that has been a part of this community for most of my life. I understand that people may feel like their voice doesn’t matter or is not being heard. I will take the time and listen to citizens in Abilene, making sure their voice is heard.

How do you believe the citizens of Abilene can help make this a better community? To unite, despite our economic, ethnic or social backgrounds. To see the value in others around us knowing that there are things within each of us that can make our community a better place to live. To help empower our citizens to make changes to better our city in ways that are important to them.

Do you believe that a person’s character is important in holding elected office? If you do please list one character trait one should have and state why you believe it? Absolutely. Integrity – Because integrity encompasses many things, like honesty, uprightness, honor, good character, ethics, morality and so much more. These are all things that should be evident in an elected officer’s character.

We have seen campaigns where individuals have been extremely mean to each other. Could you pay your opponent one compliment? I would like to commend all of my other opponents for stepping up to run for this position. Everyone has great talents within themselves to help serve this great community. Especially, when we can work civilly with one another, great things happen.

If you could have dinner with anyone from the past or currently living, who would it be and why? King Solomon, of the Bible, he asked for wisdom above all other things; and how that could help him in growing a great kingdom when he walked with God, and how he could better serve the people.

Tell us a little about your family, hobbies, etc.  I have lived in Abilene for over 27 years and call this my home. I am the daughter of an entrepreneur and business man, and grew up my whole life in business. I have two hard working parents that taught me the importance of a good work ethic.  I am the granddaughter of a World War 2 veteran, and appreciate the sacrifices he made for our freedom. I have three children that were born and raised here. I enjoy spending time with my family, watching movies, reading and photography, when I get the opportunity.  I serve at my local church, and value the relationships and community that come from there.

Do you have anything on your social media accounts that most people would consider to be offensive? No

Two of the current city councilman used inappropriate language in referring to their fellow citizens, when a vote came up to censure them, it failed because a majority of the councilman did not vote in favor of censure. Do you believe that your councilperson should be held to a high standard? Absolutely. Being in a public office, you have to remember that you are serving all people, even people that do not look like you or have the same core values as you. Even when we are joking we need to remember to take what we say to heart and consider those we are referring to.

Are you currently doing business with the City of Abilene, or do you intend to do so? Yes, I shop locally on a daily basis, whether it is groceries, or clothes or items needed for my home. Now in regards to contracts, I do not have any contracts now or in the works that would skew decisions for my own interest.

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