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By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd - Hardin Simmons Alumna | December 1, 2014

By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd During this time of year many people are making it a point to check out the new movies in the theatres. My favorite movies are romantic, romantic comedies, and family. It is a sad when you have to search for happy people these days, that are funny and just to make us laugh. What fun is it when you find yourself only around serious people all the time that would rather see us frowning than smiling? I have an idea. The weather is cold outside, and we can either go out or stay at home to see a movie and be humored. I do not have the luxury of going out to see a movie all the time, anyway I feel very content just watching a movie at home. I enjoy movies that make me laugh. I watched a good and funny movie last month, starring Robert Duvall and Michael Caine. The movie is, Second Hand Lions. It is on DVD and it is not a new movie out in the theatres. How funny!! I thought. Granny from the Hillbillies might have fit in with these two actors at the beginning of the movie. It was funny and not boring, yet sad at the end. This movie was recommended by a young population. You do not have to have lots of money to laugh, and to enjoy the holidays. I would go out to see a good clean comedy. There are movies for women and men as well. Take your pick these holidays, and if you find one that is funny, have a good laugh. Stay warm and enjoy the cocoa and the popcorn. Share a good time with your family and friends before the New Year.