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Late Night Basketball

By Joe Starkey



The GV Daniels Center featured the late night basketball championship on Thursday August 9th. The league has been playing all summer in the evenings from 6-10 PM. This dream turned reality has given the young men of Abilene a place to be and improve their team skills now for several summers.The last night of competition brought 52 young men and many of their family and friends to enjoy three excellent games. There were two semi-finals before the close fought final. The Boys and Girls Club Red Team led at one point by almost 20 points but the Blue team fought back to within 2 points with less than two minutes.{{more}} Both teams fought a full court battle from one end to the other and back again. My favorite player was number 12 on the Red, Kendrick Brooks. Yes, he did score some, mostly from offensive rebounds but his value was in creating opportunities for his team mates by blocking out under the basket and creating movement that took players from the blue team out of position. Defensively – he kept the scoring lanes blocked up and created frequent double teams that kept the opponents from scoring. A very well played game by both teams that ended in a narrow two point victory for the Boys and Girls Club Red Team. The Boys and Girls Club Red Team was coached by Sarah Wegrzynowicz and Boston Brice. Players were Josh Welch, Wayne Lewis, Sy-Blake Horton, Dennis Willis, Kendrick Brooks, Chris Hale, Rodney Boswell, Dominique Shirers, and Khaeer Sonnier.Special thanks go to Harold’s Bar B Que for providing the players and their families really great hamburgers and hot dogs as a community service. Anytime you see his stand, there will be great food and friendly service.Additional images can be seen at Use photographer name Joe Starkey Photography and Customer Number 6375556 and look under Late Night Basketball in events.

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