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Land of the Gaints or Home of the Patriots

By Janice Coleman



If you had asked the majority of Dallas Cowboys fans in August or September 2007 who they thought would be in Arizona in February 2008 playing the Super Bowl, I don’t think one of them would have said the New York Giants against the New England Patriots! In fact, you probably wouldn’t have gotten that {{more}} answer in the middle of the season. Manning just seems to be the name to have if you want to play in a Super Bowl. Last season, there were two Manning’s, one on each team! Is there anyone out there named Manning who wants to be in a Super Bowl? Now is the time! The Patriots take their undefeated record, which includes a victory over the Giants during the regular season, to the Super Bowl, but it seems as if the regular season has no bearing whatsoever on the mission of the Giants during their playoff run. Many assumed at least the Cowboys or the Packers would eliminate the Giants. However, they will be watching either from the stands or on big or little screen TV’s with the rest of us! The Giants have put doubt in some minds, where there was little doubt earlier as to who would win between these two teams. Eli Manning has definitely stepped up his game as of late. Tom Brady is Tom Brady. So it should be a close game, right? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t normally make predictions, but for some reason, on today, January 28th, I seem to be imagining Patriots by 20. What’s your prediction?

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