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Kiwanis Pancake Day

By Joe Starkey



The Kiwanis Clubs of Abilene gathered with the Boy Scouts, 4-H and Boys and Girls Club members to feed Abilene pancakes and sausages till every body who attended at the Civic Center had their fill. 14 year old Hailey Dods is one of the most dedicated of the volunteers. This is her third straight year {{more}} of volunteering for the morning shift with the 4H Junior Staff and then returning for the afternoon shift as part of the Boys and Girls Club group. At 11:30 AM, an announcement was made that they had served over 35,000 pancakes and the event still had over 5 hours to go. Final reports had them feeding over 4400 pancake lovers in 10 hours. The silent auction had everything from pies to portraits, meat smokers to haircuts and fitness club memberships to fine art vases. The estimated $32,000 raised will go to local organizations. If you didn’t like pancakes or sausage, the music from the Wylie Jazz Band was worth the price of admission. And if you didn’t like Jazz – other local bands entertained the other hours of the day.

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