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Kingdom of Levant Demonstrates Middle Ages for Girl Scout Twilight Camp

By Joe Starkey



The local Girl Scout Council ended their week long Twilight Camp with a theme of Knights in Shining Armour and Princesses. The Girl Scouts came dressed in their finest princess costume and a local living history group gave demonstrations in Heavy Armoured fighting and Rapier to and with the Girl Scouts.The armor and equipment {{more}} was demonstrated to each group with every girl that wished to getting to take their best WHACK at a knight in armor. They were mostly hesitant to pick up what amounted to a heavy stick and then hit the person as hard as they could. However, when Sir Robert who stands around 6 foot 4 inches tall would take a full swing at Lady Ryah’s head and give it a resounding thump, the girls would start to grin and attack with the rattan sword enthusiastically.The Kingdom of Levant is a living history group concentrating on the era of the Second Crusades roughly between 1099 and 1291. Their intent is not to create those times “as they were but as they should have been” with good manners, clean fun and combat under honorable conditions that has sound and fury without the injuries. They have heavy fighters who are armored much as a Knight of the times would have been if they had modern plastics and duck wrapped rattan instead of swords and light fighters who fight with rapiers, modern protective face and chest protectors under medieval garb. They also practice “arts and sciences” of those times with bardic singing, archery, weaving and other similar activities.The group meets in local parks every Sunday afternoon from around 3 PM to 6 PM. They can be contacted at

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