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Keep Your Landscape Lush While Saving Water And Money

By Statepoint



It’s one of springtime’s most popular activities: preparing your yard for enjoyable summertime use. However, the rising scarcity of water across the country continues to drive up the cost of landscaping and gardening. In fact, more and more states nationwide are beginning to prohibit daily watering altogether. “Fortunately, there are an increasing number of efficient approaches to home landscaping that are surprisingly easy to get started, such as mulching and installing new nozzles that use up to 30 percent less water than the nozzles we grew up with,” points out Mike Baron, Toro water management specialist. “Using less water doesn’t mean sacrificing a beautiful yard.” {{more}}Go Natural There might not be an easier technique to save water than mulching. Placing a three- to five-inch layer of mulch around your plants will help to hold in the moisture and is most effective when used in conjunction with plants native to the local environment. Easy to Save There’s no need to dig up your yard to completely replace your irrigation system with one that will save water and money. Every spray should have a removable nozzle that you can swap out for a more efficient one — and it’s literally as easy as changing a light bulb. One of the key parts of the conventional irrigation system that has seen the most development in recent years is the spray nozzle. A perfect example is the new Precision Series Spray nozzles from Toro, which can save water and cash. Responsible for spraying water evenly around a given area, in-ground Precision Series Spray nozzles use a special, embedded chip that creates a spray pattern which offers better coverage and, most importantly, uses less water. These nozzles offer higher overall irrigation efficiency while delivering larger water droplets, minimizing the effect of evaporation. Using up to one-third less water of regular spray nozzles, this technology can make a world of difference financially and environmentally. All the parts of an irrigation system — controller, valves, sprinklers — work together to ensure your plants get proper watering. Replacing just one portion of a system with an efficient option helps save water. Over time, replacing all components with efficient irrigation products ensures optimum savings. Drip Efficiently Drip irrigation is another efficient approach to green landscaping. By putting water only where and when you need it — at the base of shrubs, flowers, and vegetables — you can use up to 50 percent less water than conventional sprinklers. These systems deliver water slowly, allowing the soil to better absorb water and minimize or eliminate runoff. Because drip systems are designed to put water closer to a plant’s roots, they offer the most efficient way to cultivate a lush garden while saving water. “It’s an opportunity to demonstrate good citizenship. No matter what type of grass and plants you choose, you can take pride knowing that you can grow a beautiful, natural landscape while still being environmentally conscious,” says Baron. For more information about landscaping equipment and irrigation, visit

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