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Justin Whiteley honored as a Hero

By Joe Starkey



The Seventh Annual I-CAN Hero Luncheon speaker, Dr. Tanya Brice, contrasted this year’s Hero with the Story of Jonah. Jonah is directed by God to go preach to the people of Nineveh. Instead he runs the other way as he feels that these people are both dangerous and unworthy of God’s Grace. He is caught and saved in the belly of a whale. He finally goes with God’s direction and preaches to the people of Nineveh who repent and are spared but Jonah walks away from the situation mad at God as he feels they should have been destroyed. {{more}}Justin Whiteley obeyed when his mother told him to get a job. The G.V. Daniels recreation leader was to be his stepping stone to a career as a communications technician. Instead he has followed God and given himself to the children of Carver Center. He learned of the long history of pride and with an open heart and mind embraced these children called BAD. Justin has opened the eyes of Abilene to the pride and beauty of Carver showing that the perception does not match reality. He is now studying youth ministry.He enabled the youth by letting them “own” their programs. They have organized a program to make their neighborhood drug free and hosted a “Senior Prom” for the elderly in the area. The Carver Youth Council is a team and are “true friends” that support each other and the community.Justin recognized all the youth of the council by name and character. He also said he was getting married on August first and his intended had stated that she would like to have five children. “Fact is that on the day we are married – she will have thirty.”Master of Ceremony was Rev. Iziar Lankford. History and Occasion was given by Mrs. Margaret Suggs. Presentation of Hero was done by Rev. Andrew Penns.Special music was very accomplished and performed by Sisters in Christ of Abilene, TX.

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