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By Sienna Miller



Confession time up front – I did a lot more enjoying of Juneteenth than reporting. After parking, I wandered by an extended family at tables under some of the trees. They were just relaxing and enjoying each other. When asked how early do you have to come to get seats under the trees – they just said “EARLY”. Billy Hines, James Francis and Hattie Washington were making great Bar-B-Que sandwiches and handing them out to everyone with cold drinks. DJ Skid was playing music that I remembered from long ago and stuff I had not heard yet. Mr. Nelson Wilson was among many of the persons present wearing T-shirts that honored Black pioneers such as Bill Picket and Harriet Tubman . Jermy Jay of the Creative Expressions was warming up his drums before several live groups performed for the crowd. Mr. Douglas Sims certainly looked old enough to write down his own name after I photographed him but since he is only 3, his father guided his hand as he “signed” my notes. He was helping at the ping pong ball toss for CDs and prizes. There were basketball games and dominoes and just plain visiting going on all over Stevenson Park. It was much more a time for visiting than reporting. A last note – the following list of sponsors is not nearly all inclusive but thanks go out to T&D’s Smokeshop, Abilene Sign and Awning, Urban Fashions and Athletic Supply. Juneteenth cost over $5000 to put on and sponsors covered a big part but as always the organizers took a good chunk out of their personal pockets. Think about supporting this celebration thru your business next year.

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