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Jazz at the Elegante Suites

By Joe Starkey



It’s jazz, it’s free and you can sip on your favorite cold beverage. Professor Mark Wilcox and the Elegante Suites have teamed up to bring Sunday afternoon jazz to Abilene. The next session is from 3-5 PM on Sunday, March 30th just off the lobby area and will be held every 4th Sunday after that “as long as folks turn out.”Last Sunday had trombones, several trumpets, a clarinet, guitarists, one flutist who also played trumpet, drums, piano and even a vocalist. I only got to listen to the last 30 minutes but there are some obviously talented high school and college students who were there for the afternoon jazz jam session. The sessions are built around Mark Wilcox on trumpet, Austin Pickard on drums, Luke McMillian on bass guitar and apologies to the pianist whose name I did not get. Everyone is welcome to participate. This session had 12-15 musicians and 8-10 in the audience

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