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Jazz at the Center

By Joe Starkey



by A.C. AlreyA sincere “Thank You” to those that braved the 50 degree temperatures and up to 45 mph winds on the night of Friday, March 27th to attend the first of many “JAZZ @ The Center” events. Our inaugural event had close to 200 people in attendance. And judging from everyone at our event, ALL had an excellent time. Our “Happening Crowd” was culturally, ethnically and socially diverse; a true representation of the populations of Abilene and the surrounding communities. We had attendees from as far away as Plano, Texas. Everyone enjoyed the historic art form of Jazz — America’s original “classical” music. {{more}}The Jazz performers: Mahogany and the Jambox Band put on an unforgettable show; one that will be forever remembered here in Abilene. The group consisted of the following “artists”: Mahogany,The Artist – Lead Vocals & Keyboards / Jason Davis Sr. – Tenor Sax & Keyboards / Rick Rigsby – Bass Guitar / Mark Gully – Drums. We’re currently talking with Jazz musicians throughout the state, arranging new 4th FRIDAYS of each month as part of the Centers continued efforts in providing the unique and diverse forms of art as the Center celebrates 20 YEARS of showcasing the works of local, regional, and international “contemporary” artists to the Greater Abilene Region! We’re looking forward to our future events and the guests, aka, “Happening Crowd” will once again will have an opportunity to enjoy “live” Jazz music, from styles ranging from Straight Ahead, Bebop, Cool, Mainstream, Swing, Funk, Latin/Afro-Cuban and Fusion. They will have time to view some of the area’s finest contemporary art,have stimulating conversations, while experiencing a “second to none” atmosphere at the Center, as well as the various amenities and venues of Downtown Abilene .

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