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Jacob’s Dream

By Joe Starkey



A new and wonderful addition to the Abilene Christian University campus was dedicated on September 9th. Professor Jack Maxwell created the monument to commemorate the gift of over 26 million dollars by the Woodward family in memory of Grace Woodward. {{more}} The project includes a 45-by-45-foot “outdoor meditative space” with a garden, a pool of water that can be used as a baptismal fount and what looks like the remains of an ancient Roman structure. Near the pool, a bronze sculpture of angels climbing into heaven stretches more than 30 feet toward the sky. The project is located on the lawn between the Mabee Business Building and the Williams Performing Arts Center. Paid for entirely by gifts from donors, Professor Maxwell gave special thanks to those persons who gave for “something that is not functional but that does honor God.” Professor Jack Maxwell told the crowd that “I’m better making art than speeches. God wants things to happen and flawed, imperfect people create the work – serving as God’s hands.” He left those assembled with the “hope that when you walk thru this site, you will find God in unexpected places.” Bob Woodward speaking for his family said that “to say Thank You is so small.” Remembering his mother, he believed that the “only difference between Grace and the widow with the two mites was the amount given.” President of ACU, Dr. Royce Money stated that the site was available for outdoor weddings and the fountain is a Baptismal Fount and other uses are being explored. Come visit and stay to enjoy one of the wonders found in Abilene.

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