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By Jack Walker | March 12, 2021

Why 2 Never Advertise 4 Ever Unless You’re Always Up 4 the Down.

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By: Jack Walker

Let me pump this dream through you, people of Abilene Texas and surrounding cities and towns—especially the spectacular arrangement of folks that have never seen a community newspaper before. Community newspapers are free.  They cost you nothing and the owner, publisher, staff, and sales representatives more than you might ever imagine.  What is a community paper? You are reading one now. Since it was started it has been here, it is still here, and it always will be.

To the business owners:  I am sorry that the pandemic slowed you down.  Apparently, your quickness to go buy cigarettes and beer or a new pair of shoes was not thwarted by this Apocalyptic threat that conveniently provided you another excuse not to advertise with the local community newspaper.  We have crutches up here at our office, but do not bother showing up unless you have plans to buy an advertisement.   When I say advertise, I mean click on Facebook and ‘like’, ‘comment on’ and ‘share’ our page.  I mean visit www.westtexastribune.com and read some of our news and feature stories.  Basically, participate in supporting us support you.  Ya dig?

I apologize in advance for absolutely nothing.

Unless you are blind.  If you’re blind you have a valid excuse.

“That guy is something else” a local business owner says. “He came in here while we were super busy the other day asking about how business was going and dropped a newspaper off and then I saw him around 2 AM on Butternut that same night talking to the people on the side of the store”.


What are you doing up at 2 AM, local community business owner and well-established philanthropist?

If I do not hear back from you within a week I PROMISE, I will be back around to continue cultivating a relationship for the purpose of providing you a marketing advantage you were too ‘super busy’ to call me back about.

I am sorry for wasting your time though sir, be sure and continue to read our newspaper and do not ever hesitate to call… we are here to serve you. -and the people behind the store.

If you did not take the time to vote for the Mayor of this city… You have no business complaining about anything. Unless of course you could not vote.  If you do not understand what I mean by that you should have paid more attention in school.  If you did not attend school and you are younger than 100 plus years old, you cannot blame the last pandemic. (Unless you were blind)

School was free back then, like it is now and always will be.  Just like the local community newspaper!

Let us hit the reset button.

Good morning/Good Afternoon/Good Night, Abilene, and surrounding towns…

 “My name is Jack and I’m with the West Texas Tribune, may I speak with an owner or manager please?”

“Well, Bob isn’t usually in during regular hours of the day and it’s kind of’ hard to get in touch with him, can I take a message…?”

“Yes. could you have him call me back, errrr- can I schedule an appointment, or do you know when and how I might find him so I could talk with him briefly?

‘Is this regarding advertising?

‘Yes, M—’ (Before being cut off)

“Bob doesn’t do any advertising… We generate most of our business in terms of word of mouth.”

“I understand– I don’t want to’ waste your time and I do appreciate your patience and courtesy; this is my first day on the job.”

“Well, hold on Jack, what’s a good number to reach you at, I can pass it on at least and you never know, things have just been hard because of the pandemic.”

“Yes, ma’am I’m ready when you are,”

“I’m ready.”

Okay the number is 3  2  5  – 4  3  7 – 8  1  1  7 ”.

“Okay I’ll pass it on,”

“Can you verify that number for me, please and thank you…?”

Yes, our number is 325-6////>

I interupt

“No ma’am, not yall’s number (that I’m calling you on) the number I just gave you,”

O, yes, 325-43______


It is a good thing Bob frequents the local gas stations and convenience stores in the marginalized areas of towns and likes to kick it outside with the folks that gather sometimes on the side of the store.

                                        Make no mistakes about this: Bob is always around.

And- Bob is blind.  Bob voted . . . For the current mayor. Bob has quite a bit of money and several businesses in town. Bob rarely advertises. His businesses are very profitable. Word of mouth propels Bob’s businesses.  Bob supports the community.  The return on Bob’s investment is not always a monetary return, however it has been before and will be again.  Bob never needs money though.

This month Bob advertised again with the local community newspaper.

This is the exchange after 2pm on the side of the store…

“Bob!?  What are you doing’ up here at a place like this…”?

I thought you were blind….

“You must not know me son… I’ll always be around.”

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