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It’s Unique

By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd



Where can church members go to satisfy their taste buds after that spirit filled sermon, especially when the pastor starts getting hungry and mentions going out to eat? The congregation starts picturing their favorite foods and make plans to eat with friends after church. {{more}}There is a new restaurant in town, Unique Food & Grill, with those particular kinds of folks in mind that like to treat themselves to good southern soul cooked food. Customers can have their choice of a meat served in a plate or a sandwich.The small bright colored restaurant creates a cultural family atmosphere because it is located right next to the Hispanic La Popular Bakery 1525 Pine St. There is an aroma of cultural cooking in the air, and a comrade of brotherhood neighbors setting a good example for the community. According to Frank Bailey, Unique Food & Grill owner, La Popular owners came to welcome him and the restaurant to the community. The only difference is the two menus without the competition.”We are like a home away from home. It is a place to feel safe, come in and talk and enjoy your food. I knew we were going to be selling different food from other restaurants. I just enjoy seeing people smile and be happy.” said Bailey. “We’ve got to get the business up to standard the way I want it. We would love to have people come and support us.Bailey had a restaurant before on Treadway, but recently decided to make a move to the new location. The new opening will include the drive thru, and we will also be catering to parties.One of the workers at the Unique Food & Grill is Debra Adams who is a volunteer and who contributes time in the evenings at the restaurant after her job working for the Abilene ISD as Family Advocate. She has worked for A.I.S.D. for twenty one years. She is also a mother of three children, and several grand-children. “I think it is going to be unique and collaborate with other restaurants which will also be beneficial in the community. One of the unique specials will be the Southern cooking, special, and definitely the turkey legs are a must try.” Adams shares the same dream as Bailey, and that is to make people happy through good home cooking. She is responsible for helping with the paperwork, and taking care of the customers. “I like working with the community and with people. Some of her favorite dishes she enjoys cooking are banana pudding, chili, and hot water cornbread. I want to make a difference in the lives that I touch.”

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