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It’s a Great Dream

By Joe Starkey



It’s a great dream. It started about three weeks ago when all three of the area public High Schools started a run towards the State Championships. I saw Coach Warren, Coach Spradlin and Coach Sandifer all standing tall beside the 5A, 4A and 3A State Championship Trophies, their players and cheerleaders smiling proudly in a well mixed group behind them. The combined bands of the three schools were playing and both sides of Shotwell Stadium were filled way beyond capacity. The School Board members were doing cartwheels in front of the trophies while the City Council and County Commissioners were simply speechless.Four mistakes cost the Cooper Cougars 28 points and their place in this year’s dream as they ran out of time. They were not beaten as they kept scoring and catching up but the game does not go forward on heart but stops on time. Both lines were up against players bigger and taller but they fought them well all game. Conditioning showed as smaller Cougar players time and time again stopped the ball at the line of scrimmage. The size, speed and agility of the Guyer quarterback, however, gave the team problems all afternoon.57 – 34 is a 23 point difference. Monday quarterbacks can move players a yard one way or the other and erase that difference. It will never be erased in the minds of the Band of Brothers. I saw the True Blue Mom Crew out on Wednesday afternoon decorating the Cooper fieldhouse. This is a long tradition. Then Thanksgiving day, the players were boarding the “Yellow Dawgs” for the ride over to Shotwell for Thanksgiving practice. 50 years ago, my team rode offense and defense in separate buses. In fact, we seldom spoke to each other and were the enemy at practice. This Band of Brothers rode all together and helped each other prepare and improve. I would have them remember the spirit that took them this far on the trip and the friendships earned along the way. And may the teams of 2010 start the dream again.

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