IQ-211: Genius

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By Karen Kite | September 1, 2011

Okay…. if my memory serves me right, the highest intellectual IQ on record is 210, discovered in November 2007.So what we’re going to do in this article is try and beat that number in 2011. I am certain we have an Abilene/Big Country reader out there somewhere who surpasses the 210 IQ; we just have to figure out who they are because apparently they are being humble about it.So let’s start the test. Science tells us that the sun is at the heart of our solar system and we know that eight planets orbit the sun; however we also know that the brain is the most complex organ in the human body. It allows us to think, have emotions, move, and even dream.{{more}}Therefore, the correct answer to this test might just be found through some extensive information on ordinary differential, partial differential, integral, functional and other mathematical equations.Don’t worry, I’m not getting off on the subject of math because I myself still add and subtract with my fingers and toes sometimes because when I was a young child I was pretty dog-gone shy and I didn’t exactly absorb what was being taught. I was too concerned about what people were thinking of me.You see… I had freckles on my nose, beneath my eyes, and had a couple of teeth missing anyhow… those imperfections made me feel very insecure. It wasn’t until I was older in life that I realized that, “Hey! I am a Child of the King”, the child of the one who made our solar system, our brains, who gave us the knowledge for witty inventions such as the ability to create a mathematical equation, etc…Anyhow, I remember in third grade sitting at a table with some of my other classmates and we were coloring. I was really getting into my artwork, use to press down extremely hard on my crayons and I used about every color in the box because I thought they were all pretty. To make a long story short, I finished my paper and then I looked around at the other papers the rest of the kids had completed and noticed they had colored lightly and only used maybe two or three different color crayons.Then, I noticed the worse thing of all….their people’s faces were colored either black, white, or brown, etc.. and then I looked down at my people’s faces and one was purple, one was green, and the other consist of rainbow colors. It was at that moment in time the overwhelming amount of pride that I took in my work vanished into our wonderful solar system. I thought to myself….”Oh no, I messed up” and I became really embarrassed and the paper I was so proud of, that I had put so much of my own self into,I was now terribly ashamed of. So I turned it upside down until the teacher came by to pick them all up.”Where in the world are you going with all of this Karen Kite? I thought we were going to try and uncover the Abilene-Big Country person whose IQ surpasses that of 210.”Well….we were! Somewhere along the way in this test, the mathematical equation changed and the author of witty inventions, the maker of the most complex organ took the wheel and here is what he’s driving me to say now……”The Children of Abilene/Big Country will already be in their classroom settings for the 2011-2012 school year and some of them will notice their own imperfections when they look at their reflection in the mirror. They will have their own fears and insecurities to battle. You see….It’s harder being a kid then we might realize at times and there will always be those kids who study hard–do their very best and yet their people’s faces may still come out the color of an alien. Our children may or may not have an IQ that surpasses 210, but we need to love and accept them for the special individuals they are regardless because they are all unique in the Lord’s eyes, they were all made in His beautiful image. They may or may not become the rocket scientist we want them to become but they are a Child of the King for goodness sakes and if we do our part and teach them to put their lives and trust in the ALMIGHTY GOD, they will grow up to be what HE intended them to be and they’ll understand that it’s okay to have freckles on their nose, beneath their eyes, and it’s okay to color their people’s faces purple, green, and rainbow because they will know who they are in Christ by golly. Time is up, Test is over!If you took the test and honestly understood the real message in this article, you surpassed the IQ of 210 which makes you now an IQ-211 Genius and you are well on your way to becoming what God intended on YOU to be.