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Introducing Mrs. Robbyne Hocker-Fuller

By Floyd Miller



Mrs. Fuller needs no introduction in the Midland-Odessa area. Her roots run deep in Midland; she and her family moved there when she was 11 years old.Mrs. Fuller has had an interesting life. She was the first African American woman to sell Real Estate in Midland; she was licensed in 1964. She worked 22 years for Texas Instruments and retired from Litton Data System a few years ago.{{more}}Mrs. Fuller also has a real entrepreneurial spirit. In 1986 she formed the Midland Black Chamber of Commerce of Entrepreneurs, which has recently had a name change to Midland African American Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce.{{more}} She is also the founder of Midland African American Historical Cultural Arts Council. In addition to these organizations, Mrs. Fuller sells arts and craft through her company Fulsemay’s Diaspora.If you were to ask Mrs. Fuller what her purpose was today, she would tell you that it’s empowering entrepreneurs, with a special emphasis on women. She is doing that through a home-based business call Soul Purpose. This direct sales company was founded by Mrs. Nadine Thompson. Thompson’s close friend, Mrs. Cheryl Comier, is also a key person in the company. Their main product is a line of environmentally friendly skin care products for women. Mrs. Fuller is passionate about these products and is willing to help anyone that may have that entrepreneurial spirit.Mrs. Fuller and her husband, James, attend St. Marks United Methodist Church. If you would like to contact Mrs. Fuller she may be reached at 432-682-2864 or

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