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International Trade discussed at Annual Chamber Banquet Dee Moore named Outstanding Citizen

By Joe Starkey



Ms. Leondria Thompson taught us about trees. She started with an African Proverb that says the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is today.{{more}}She then told us that a tree can be whatever your passion is and what you want the seed to be. The only thing she’s sure of is that there is NO money tree, BUT all the other trees grow money. She asked if what you are spending your time and effort towards in the GAME? G ratifying A cquisition M oney E xperienceAs part of the Tri-county Chamber of Commerce, they were looking for opportunities for trade. First they realized that Houston has Consulates from 87 countries and their purpose is the business of trade. Next after a trip that was basically wasted trying to find a trading partner – they knew the key to finding a trading country is a country that will trade. They will take you in and make the relationship work both ways.She talked about finding Belize. The tree had been planted long ago. The workforce and education were there and they were ready to go from thatched roofs to Houston. Both parties gave and both received. It was trade.“We lose what we don’t use. Other countries are looking at the available resources both natural and people.” We need more companies and groups to reach out.Mrs. Neomia Banks presented the Outstanding Citizen Award to Ms. Dee Moore. Ms. Moore has served on numerous boards since arriving in Abilene. Moore is a Vice President with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.Floyd Miller, President of the Abilene Black Chamber of Commerce said “it’s an honor to have someone with Moore’s skills and business savvy on the board.”

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