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Another Spectacular platform to pad your brand recognition...

Jan 29 2021

Final Day of Advantages for February’s Issue

We would like to see you in our February issue of the paper. Endearing expressions from you to yours begin at 40$ for a 2×2 Business Card size slot with 50 words or less and marketing advantages with seasonal specials linger for the taking. Call 325-437-8117 and we’ll have a rep come by and show…

Jan 28 2021

Not Just a Newspaper…


Jan 28 2021

AD-vantage Rate Sheet

Take advantage of our new premiums! $100 a month quarter page display in full color for the half year is spectacular! (Paid in Full standard applies)

We want to know your top ten love songs ever!

Jan 28 2021

The Top 10 Love Songs Ever (According 2 U)

By: Jack Walker With or without ‘Valentine’s Day’, and other ceremonious festivals of affection, this topic will never truly rest. It sure is fun to debate it though. Music lifts us up and sets us down while it brings us any emotion from misery to bliss. Say no more. Just listen. We want the riffs…

Awesome VDay Ideas

Jan 27 2021

Valentines Day Exclusive!

Remember… LOVEWINS!

Jan 25 2021

Tuscola Jim Ned Wins First State Title in Football (with official Game Stats)

CHIEF OF STATE Tuscola Jim Ned overcomes 21-point deficit to force overtime and win it all on two-point conversion for first ever football state title. By: Jack Walker ARLINGTON- The Jim Ned Indians rallied to shock the Hallettsville Brahmas on the final play of overtime 29-28 at Cowboys’ Stadium, Thursday night in Arlington to secure…