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Aug 9 2020

“When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemon Cake: Turning 40 in a pandemic, and changing my life.”

Sugar Free Lemon Cake for Breakfast Is it just me, or is everyone else feeling pushed right now? Pushed to be fearful? Pushed to be safe? Pushed to adapt? Pushed to go crazy? Pushed to change? Pushed to grow? Pushed to love? Pushed to hate? Pushed to plan and be mindful? Pushed to rush, and…

Aug 9 2020

Penitentiary Valedictorian A Commencement Speech from Captivity to Freedom

            I’ve written a lot of stories.  Seven years ago, this very publication – The West Texas Tribune, was the first newspaper that printed my work, outside of my school paper in college. I was a beat reporter for the sports page and eventual sports editor for The Rambler at my Alma Mater, Texas Wesleyan…

Jul 29 2020

Mayor Anthony Williams tests positive for COVID-19covid-19,

Abilene Mayor Anthony Williams announced Wednesday that he has received notification of testing positive on a PCR test for COVID-19. At this time, the Mayor remains in self-quarantine at his home, and has yet to experience any symptoms of the virus, or feel unwell. Mayor Williams was notified the night of Monday, July 27, that…

Jul 20 2020

“A Change Gone Come, Oh Yes It Is.”

Recently a group of concerned citizens came together to express their concern for the conditions of Stevenson Park here in Abilene Texas. They used the Public Comments portion of the meeting to get their voices heard. For some time now there has been a need and an outcry from residents for the upkeep of Stevenson…

Jul 19 2020

Juneteenth Celebration at Stevenson Park

Stevenson Park was filled with a large crowd of individuals that wanted to show brotherly love, solidarity and peace.             Union Army General, Gordon Granger announced  federal orders in Galveston, Texas on June 19, 1865, proclaiming that all slaves in Texas were free.  Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation formally went in effect on January 1, 1863.  However,…

Jul 19 2020

Leadership Group to Fight Hate with Love

On Monday morning, July 13th, citizens from the Abilene Community met at Station One Venue, the scene where words of hate had been written, to speak words of love. Someone had painted a swastika sign on the property and written a racially insensitive word laced with profanity.        Dr. Kelvin Kelly, Associate Professor of Practical Theology…