Indeed a Juneteenth Celebration

Indeed a Juneteenth Celebration

On June 19, 2019 at G.V. Daniel’s Center was the place to be. No whiskey, wine, beer or drugs, just a plane ole people get together and neighborhood reunion over good BBQ, drinks, fresh air and wholesome conversation.

Edward Sheppard and James  McGee
2019 Domino Champions

People from all walks of life, different churches, and skin tones were there. Of course, duty called me elsewhere and I missed the domino tournament. However, results were directly called in to Mr. Miller. The reigning champs for 2019 are Edward Sheppard and James  McGee. Sheppard was also part of the 2018 Championship team which included Mrs. Ethel Bryant.

On June 19, 1865 U.S. General Gorden Granger delivered President Abraham Lincoln’s Proclamation to the City of Galveston, Texas that all slaves were free.

A artist rendition of the Juneteenth Proclamation as seen through the eyes of Ray Wamsley.

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