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By Floyd Miller



West Texas Tribune, Editor- In-Chief, Floyd Miller spent some time off campus at the telethon sponsored by West Texas Rehab as well as the Taylor County Coliseum and snapped these photographs. We’ve published the “rest of the best” photos and images of January 2021 throughout the Greater Abilene area and surrounding towns and cities.

Denise Dennis (above) was one of the first individuals to be served by the West Texas Tribune. She went to the Rehab when Shelly Smith was getting it up and running. Denise never forgot the help she received. She has collected cans for years to sell and donate the money to the rehab. This year’s West Texas Rehab Telet raised $1,459,000.
Neal McCoy was popular with the crowd and he added that Charlie Pride helped him “break into” the business. McCoy sang a couple Charlie Pride songs.
Kiwanis Club of Abilene features this small gathering.
A small assembly gathers at the Kiwanis Club meeting in Abilene.
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