If There’s A Way Around, I’ll Find It #2

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By Don Swinney | January 1, 2013

I was in Germany when my tail-bone beganto hurt. We were scheduled to fly “home” for the summer. Back in the UnitedStates it quit hurting. When I returned to Germany the pain returned. It hurt! WhenI stood, my feet hurt. When I sat down my rear hurt. Now let me tell yousomething. There are not many other positions to get into during the day, otherthan standing and sitting. And this has been going on for 35 years.   Fortunately, I have chosen a professionthat allowed me to stand for a few minutes and to sit for a few minutes. Thereis no way I can tell you how many things I tried to keep my tail bone fromtouching whatever I was sting in. First came the inflatable doughnut. It wasmore like a ring than a doughnut. This went on for years. Only for the last fewyears have I found a foam rubber that was six and eight inches thick and madeof cushion to sit on. I have a foam rubber mattress I put on the living roomfloor. Why there? Because that’s where the TV is, and that’s where my wife is. {{more}}   I tried for years to convince thedoctors the pains in my feet and tail bone were related, but they wouldn’tlisten. I knew they were related because they were triggered by the same thing:Pressure. When I was on my feet, they hurt. When I go off my feet, they stoppedhurting . Surgery hadn’t helped my feet, but in May 2012, Ihad surgery on my back. They completely removed my tail bone and over hauled myvertebrae about two vertebrae up. I almost died right after surgery, but pulledthrough. The jury is still out as to whether it helped or not. As I write this,I am sitting on my rear. It hurts. My feet are on the foot piece. They hurt.   Of yea, I have a new source of pain Iforgot to mention in the beginning. It is foot related. For 50 years I havegotten relief from my feet by sitting in a recliner and letting my feet handoff the foot piece. For a year or so now my ankles, where they strike the footpiece, have been burning like a bad sun burn. Only ice seems to help.   Fortunately, I have a very understandingpain doctor who not only believes me, but is also very liberal with the painmedication. They do not stop the pain, but make like more bearable.