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“I Know the Lord is Working it Out”

By Kathy Barr



Pastor and Mrs. Eddie Jordan

Pastor Eddie Jordan is, more than anything, a man of faith. He has also been, for most of his life, a healthy, active man. As a teen, he was a football player in his high school in Mississippi, and as an adult served his country in the Air Force and worked for the Abilene ISD. Currently, he serves as pastor of New Light Missionary Church, educating his congregation on the Word of God each Sunday.

Pastor Jordan’s faith has been tested and strengthened since an ordeal he experienced in 2001, when a blood clot in the renal vein of his right leg broke, causing his blood pressure to spike, which started the process of kidney damage. Dialysis became a vitally important part of his life, and he’s been on peritoneal dialysis at home. Every night, while he’s asleep, his kidneys are being cleaned by a machine that uses the abdomen’s lining and a cleaning solution called dialysate to purify and prepare his body for the next day.

In 2015, the damage worsened, and the pastor learned that he needed a kidney transplant. Life has become challenging in a whole, new way.  The waiting time to find a kidney from a live donor is three to five years, and, on average the person who receives the kidney lives about fifteen to twenty years. Getting a kidney from a deceased donor will lengthen the life of the recipient ten to fifteen years.

“Several people have been evaluated to give a kidney; they have been led to do that,” Reverend Jordan said.

In addition to challenge of waiting for, finding a kidney and then undergoing the transplant, the financial cost can be a major problem. Pastor Jordan’s friends, Deydra and Robert Williams decided to help him out by sponsoring a fundraiser. Two groups, Texas Boys and Gospel Legends performed in the musical evening called “Journey of Faith”. The money raised will help defray the costs of the kidney transplant, which will be a huge help, since the pastor’s health insurance does not cover the cost.

“People gave from their hearts,” Pastor Jordan said. “They were great blessings.”  $4300 was raised.

Pastor Jordan was in Fort Worth recently for a blood test, the last hurdle to getting on the kidney transplant test. He’s hoping that the testing will lead to being put on the waiting list for a new kidney, the surgery will probably take place in San Antonio. According to the Kidney Fund, anemia, bone and heart disease, high potassium and fluid buildup are complications that can take place as a result of renal failure, so it is important that the ailing 65-year-old minister find a kidney as soon as possible.

Hopefully, he will have a positive experience receiving a new kidney such as the one that Steven Elliott, pastor at Elmer United Methodist Church in Elmer, New Jersey had. Steven needed a kidney transplant because of the effects an anti-rejection medicine from a liver transplant he had in 2015 had on his kidneys. He was fortunate to find that a friend of his wanted to be a kidney donor and was a good match for him. As a result, Steven no longer needed to spend three hours a day for three days a week receiving dialysis treatment.

“I am able to work, travel and do things with my family again….I am thankful every day that my friend stepped forward to be a living donor,” the minister said.

Reverend Jordan will need more financial assistance to pay for the transplant. To send donations to help Rev. Jordan with the high costs of a new kidney, donate to: Help Hope Live, 2 Radnor Corporation Center, Suite 100, 100 Matson Ford Road, Radnor, PA 19087.

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