I Am Don Swinney and I’m Comfortable in My Own Skin

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By Don Swinney | June 1, 2014

There have been several commercials on television lately by a very recognizable person and ending with: “I am Don Swinney and I am definitely comfortable in my own skin.” This is how I feel about myself. I don’t know how to be any other than myself. I’ve been this way all my life.My wife and I have been an item for almost 60 years. Our love is as fresh and exciting as it was 60 years ago. Not a day goes by that we don’t talk about the days when we were falling in love. Being as I was proud of her and loved my family, 1 wanted to show her off to them. What I didn’t know was my wife was constantly comparing my brothers to me. But she was also comparing me with the person she would marry. Fortunately, they turned out to be the same person.{{more}}I am comfortable in my own skin because I have found that this is the only way to real friendship. Early in my professional life I was in the public eye. As a teacher, coach, and preacher, I know nothing but to do my job in a way that would bring honor to my family, school, and church.God blessed me with a personality that most people seem to like. I’ve always had an attitude of here is the way I am, like it or leave it for as long as I can remember. I didn’t lie. I had an inner circle or friends. They were guys that made it easy to be good. We were so squeaky clean it was unbelievable. No alcohol, tobacco, dirty jokes, cursing, or telling what we “got by with a girl”. We were too busy having fun to run around with school officials, law officials or parents. Not once was I told when to come in from an evening out. My parents knew I’d take care of the car. They knew I knew when to come in.Let’s summarize. With all this going for you and being the “class clown” and “the life of the party” most everyone should agree it is only natural I should be comfortable in my own skin. Everyone I’ve loved has loved me back. I’ve been successful in my career.Can I be serious? You bet. I have seriously loved one woman for almost 60 years. I am truly comfortable in my own skin.