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HSU Orchestra Rocks with Kansas

By Joe Starkey



The Hardin Simmons University orchestra performed to a near capacity crowd Saturday night in Behrens Hall. The rock band Kansas is on a tour to raise funds for college orchestras around the United States. Their sponsor gave a $2000 scholarship to the school, a large portion of the ticket prices also went to the Orchestra and they also gave 25% of all merchandise sales to the Orchestra. Money aside – They rocked the place. They played for over an hour and a half and had the crowd screaming most of that time. A Photo by Joe Starkey special time was when they asked a freshman violinist to perform a dueling violin duet with their violinist during “Dust in the Wind” . Both had a really great time as the crowd roared for each exchange. Familiar songs, ones not played much in the area where I was in the 70’s and a couple of songs new to me gave Abilene a wonderful night of music.Only two things could have improved the night.{{more}} First is that the chairs in Behrens are simply too short to be comfortable for a six footer. Next would have been for the concert to be recorded. Daughter Sarah is playing in most of the musical groups at HSU and she really wanted to be able to hear the concert when she was not more concerned with performing.Photo by Joe Starkey

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