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HSU Cowboy Band at Stamford Rodeo

By Joe Starkey



For most of the eighty year the Texas Cowboy Reunion Rodeo, in Stamford, TX, “The World Famous” Cowboy Band of Hardin-Simmons University has been providing musical entertainment during the parade, grand entry, bronco and bull riding, and barrel racing. Most years the parade and rodeo are hot and dry with temperatures into the hundreds, and dust blowing. This year was quite the opposite with it drenching down rain most of the time, and being pretty cool when it wasn’t. {{more}}The rodeo is a very important time for the Cowboy Band because it brings current members, alumni, ex-members, future members, prospective members, and friends of theEven Todd, 17, was the youngest person to play with the band, Odis Claxton, 79, was the next to oldest person to play the rodeo. On the second day of the rodeo they were the oldest and the youngest to have played. Photo courtesy of Odis Claxton band together. No other event brings these people together like the rodeo. This year the ages ranged from 17-81, and the attendance being around 30 members. The people who play varies from night to night as people work around their schedules to come in from around the state. Some people play the parade and all four nights, while others may just play one night. The consistent thing is that these people want to play their instruments and love the Cowboy Band. Who wouldn’t want a chance to play “Big Noise from Winnetka” after all?Odis Claxton, a retired band director, played with Hardin-Simmons University’s Cowboy Band during the Stamford Texas Cowboy Reunion. He last played the rodeo during WWII, with his high school band, when the Cowboy Band had gone to war. Photo courtesy of Odis Claxton.It would appear that the saxophones and flutes have a rest during one of the songs. Photo courtesy of Odis Claxton

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