How to Set and Achieve Life Goals

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By Statepoint | October 1, 2009

I know this is not a poem but if I could somehow make it into one I would. I believe in reaching for the stars! Achieving big life goals and living your dreams can be easier than you might think. Every day all across the country people are making big life changes or taking steps to achieve life goals — such as switching careers, moving to a new town, attending college or taking that dream trip of a lifetime. Others, meanwhile, paralyzed by fear or feeling trapped by their daily lives, never take that first step on a new path. Achieving life goals starts and ends with making a roadmap and taking steps daily to achieve it, according to top self-help experts. “Being able to live your dreams does not depend on whether the economy is up or down, whether you are married or single, or whether you are rich or poor. Living your dream depends only on the choices you make each day,” says Tim Tyler, author of the new book “A Passion For The Edge: Living Your Dreams Now.” “Every day you decide either to live your dream or take an alternate path. Choosing to live a dream is to choose a thrilling experience, one that excites you and pulls you from your bed each morning,” he adds. There are many ways to plan for and achieve specific life goals. Here are several nuggets from Tyler’s new book to help get started: * Don’t simply accept where you are and what you are doing now as inevitable. Don’t relegate your dreams to the future. Begin now to change your life. * Take the time to write down your specific goal. First, select a dream about which you are passionate. Then list the key principles, actions and ideas that apply to you and your goal. It’s important to have a clear view of your objectives so you don’t waste time on tangents. * Write down your plan but don’t write it in stone. Make a plan that pushes the limits of what you think is possible, but keep it clear, concise, flexible and easy to modify while in action. When you see an opportunity to improve your plan, make changes along the way. * Don’t make a project out of the plan. Get going. Do not delay starting your journey by trying to deal with every possible obstacle. Most perceived obstacles never happen, so spending energy considering them wastes time and serves to sidetrack you from your goal. * The longer you spend planning, the more likely you will include advice from others that does not directly apply to what you wish to accomplish. Get started already! * Imagine a positive outcome to motivate you to push your limits. Move into action and stay in action so you don’t bog down. The knowledge gained from each experience on your path will help you through the next challenge. For his part, Tyler made a big life change when he took an exhilarating 6,500-mile motorcycle journey through the Alaskan and Canadian wilderness. He then detailed his trip in his new book, “A Passion For The Edge,” using his compelling experience to teach fundamental principles that can inspire average people to do extraordinary things. To learn about his journey and where to buy the book, visit