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How to Make Your Summer Party a Success

By Floyd Miller



StatePoint) As the sun shines brightly and temperatures rise, the party season officially is upon us. Mother Nature can bring plenty to a party, but your own unique additions will guarantee your shindig is a hit. Making sure everyone has fun requires attention be paid to multiple elements, both big and small. No matter how alluring the host is, bad food or music can send guests running for the hills. It’s all about mixing traditional and contemporary ideas, and being prepared. Food, Glorious Food You can’t go wrong with traditional favorites, be they finger foods or entire meals. But in an age where many people are experimenting with new culinary ideas, consider bringing some new food choices to the party. Many local grocery stores now carry exotic prepared or packaged foods. {{more}}If you insist on sticking with the classics, there are new ways to present them. If you’re grilling, hot dogs and hamburgers can be decorated with interesting toppings – such as spicy peppers, guacamole, pesto or tapenade. Other meats can be marinated in exciting flavors. Before chowing down, check if any guests have dietary restrictions. Play That Funky Music The right tunes can make or break a party. Depending on the people attending, selecting the right music can be difficult. It’s generally a bad idea to put one person in charge of all the music, as this can lead to micro-managing and questions about taste. But new technology makes it all so much easier with new music players and the Internet available to help. One innovative and easy option is to mix Internet radio with your favorite song playlist, using one of the new compact music hubs on the market, such as the VTech IS9181. This device costs less than $150 and connects to any digital audio player like an iPod and can access more than 11,000 free Internet radio stations plus FM radio, as well as the music saved on any Wi-Fi-enabled computer. Its high-fidelity stereo speakers and integrated subwoofer provide a great punch for parties. For more information, visit Doing it yourself is definitely cheaper than hiring a DJ and you even can play tunes from your guests’ iPod or other MP3 players. Decorate and Coordinate Nobody is saying your home isn’t nice, but adding a few celebratory decorations can make a party more memorable. You can opt for store-bought decorations, but getting people involved in fun crafts projects can be more enjoyable. If you want to get really creative, choose a theme — anything from a particular decade to a specific locale to a special event. Alert guests about the theme and they’ll have the opportunity to contribute to the idea by making their own decorations. This communal concept can culminate in a memorable time. Everyone hosting or attending a party wants to have fun. By staying on top of it all and getting others involved, you can send guests home happy.

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