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How To Choose Gifts They Really Want

By Statepoint



Giving the perfect gift to everyone on your list is about matching gifts to interests. Don’t pick gifts you would love — select ones they will love! But who has time to scurry from store to store, or even to surf different specialty Web sites and coordinate shipping? The smart way to do holiday shopping, say organizational experts, is to plan ahead and buy as much as possible at one superstore or Web site. “First, draw up your gift list, listing each recipient’s special interests. Then, segment the list, grouping recipients by interest. This way you won’t be overwhelmed and disorganized when entering a store or Web site,” says Bari Fagin, spokesperson at Bed Bath & Beyond. Here are some ideas from the gift experts at Bed Bath & Beyond, to delight the special interests of those on your list: * For Those Who Crave Tasty Treats: Foodies love shiny appliances that churn out treats. Gourmet coffee makers, blenders and mixers will do the trick. One of this year’s must-haves is the Mr. Coffee Frappe Maker, enabling coffee-lovers to be baristas in their own homes. You’ll save the recipient big bucks year-round. * For Video Nuts: Whether they love making or watching movies, there’s a gadget for them. For those with tons of movies, there’s now a device that converts DVR, VHS, DVD and live TV programs to digital files playable on computers or digital devices. For the home movie director, choose The Sharper Image U-Video USB Camcorder, a compact unit with 1GB flash memory for up to 60 minutes of video. Simply upload the finished flick to a computer or use the included connector to watch it on TV. * For Music Lovers: For a great stocking stuffer, choose portable speakers and allow them to enjoy their tunes wherever they go. Or, for those who love vintage vinyl, help them take those old records off the shelf and convert them into CDs. One retro remedy is the Innovative Technology Retro Turntable. It comes with a three-speed turntable and cassette player to record vinyl and cassettes onto CDs. No computer required and the speakers are built-in. * For Those Who Love Pampering: Great for moms and grandmas are gifts that pamper or sweep them off tired feet, like luxury robe sets, foot massagers and scented sleep masks. One innovative new gift is the Sharper Image Temperature Regulating Memory Foam Slippers. The slippers’ revolutionary technology keeps feet comfortable by absorbing and storing excess heat, releasing it when needed. Everybody knows someone with tootsies in need of comfort. * For The Budding Photographer: The best gifts for kids are those that make them use their minds and stretch their creativity. This year, give your favorite little one a Discovery Kids Digital Camera and he or she will be the “in-house” photographer for every occasion. This camera stores up to 120 photos and connects to computers so kids can print them out or email them to friends. For more gift ideas, visit If you’re unsure about the interests of someone on your list, consider a gift card. Choose one that doesn’t incur any fees and won’t expire, so the lucky recipient can select exactly what he or she wants without worry.

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