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Holiday Hills Clean-up

By Anynmous



On April 25th in the Holiday Hills Community within the city limits of Abilene, a successful venture was undertaken and completed. A neighborhood clean up was conducted, organized by Robert Lilly, a local community coordinator and ACU student, and made possible by the resource support of Brad Carter and CCC . {{more}} Another important group represented this day was the CYC, Carver Youth Council, also known as the Caver Teens, render their time, and placed their hands to the plow to make this part of Abilene look beautiful. Students from ACU were presented and their contribution was equally significant. We even saw some from come out from their homes to aid in this work, special thanks goes to: Mr. Keith Lewis, who Barbecued for the troops of volunteers and allowed us his facilities to clean ourselves before our meal. We had fun and showed that we can do far more together than we can do independent of one another. Many of the community’s residents expressed their deep gratitude and appreciation for the good work performed by so many of our young folk. We look forward to a day when the pride of this particular community is restored to its once high level

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