Holding a Hand

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By Cassie Weed | November 1, 2009

Do you ever hold hands with somebody during a prayer, or other activities? I have a friend that always tries to tell me I need to hold the hand of Jesus as I walk down this road. Holding the hand of Jesus is not like holding your boyfriend’s hand on a date. A good example is since we are God’s children and he is our father he holds our hand as we travel down this road. Just like a father walking his child across the street. When I am having a bad day or not feeling good, I sometimes forget that I am holding God’s hand. Holding a hand on a road that takes a lifetime with somebody you can’t really see may seem weird, but as Christians we know that God will hold our hand if we let him hold our hand. He is a father that cares for his children so much he gave his only son for us. A father who cares that much to hold the hands of his many children is the father I want to hold the hand of. Hold the hands of somebody who cares for you, hold the hands of those who love you and most importantly hold the hands of Jesus. Jesus wants to hold my hand, and he also wants to hold your hand. Will you let Jesus hold your hand as you travel down a road in a world that your don’t really belong to, for the real prize is in heaven. So, next time you are holding hands with somebody, remember that God always wants to hold your hand, whether it is on a bad day, or a time of not feeling well, or in good times, let Jesus hold your hand. Holding the hand of Jesus will make this road a little bit easier, and though we wander away he is waiting for us to come back, just like a father waiting on his child. Let God hold your hand. A-M-E-N!