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History of the Chili Super Bowl

By Floyd Miller



In 1982 several Abilene business men became aware of the need that existed at the Abilene Boys Ranch. Since most of these “Good Ole Boys” were chili cookers it was decided that the way to raise money would be to have a chili cook offMany food things have transpired since the beginning of the cook off. The Boys Ranch has been renamed Ben Richey Boys Ranch in memory of its founder. The Ranch has frown to be able to house 24 young men who attend local schools and churches and are active in their community. With a lot of folks’ help, a new cottage was built in Albany in 2005. The boys attending school in this small community dud well in school and were active in many sports. In 2006, the Greathouse Cottage was built in Abilene. In 2009 we opened a cottage for single women and their children. Ben Richey Boys Ranch Family Program exists to restore families with hope, comfort, and shelter while they locate resources they need to move toward successful independent living.{{more}}The directors and volunteers are proud to help the Ranch by sponsoring The Chili Super Bowl. Annually, on Labor Day weekend in beautiful Buffalo Gap, hundreds of chili, brisket, chicken, beans & ribs cooking teams from all over the state come to compete for prize monies in the excess of $4000. All cash prize money is donated by local merchants.Some of the activities include dancing under the stars on Friday and Saturday nights, food booths, The World’s Largest Chili Pot, games for the young & old, such as Kid’s Place and many others, cooking teams performing skits , and Saturday and Sunday live auctions.We are proud to say The Chili Super Bowl has been able to present over a million dollars to the Ranch over the years.

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