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Hispanic council Hosts Representative Naugebaur

By Joe Starkey



Representative Naugebauer first concern was the need to make America safe. The enemy got in the first punch on 9-11. Our men and women around the world are going to find them and do the rest of the punching. {{more}} Border security is a major problem. There were over 120,000 NON-Mexicans caught last year crossing the border. America is a land of immigration and we need to enable the legal immigrants while blocking the ones who come in violation of our laws. If the laws on immigration are onerous, they need to be changed.He supports Judge Alito stating that he is the most qualified juror to be nominated for the Supreme Court in his lifetime.On terror versus Democracy in Iraq, he stated that over 70% of the population voted in contrast to the 20 or 30% who vote here and they voted despite the fact that when they voted, their finger was stained with ink and that could very well be a death warrant on the way home from the voting place. The Iraqis are taking more responsibility for security and the populace is more willing to report terrorists to the Iraqi forces. “The worst thing we could do is leave prematurely and then need to go back.”Iran and North Korea are not to be trusted. Control of energy is important to security and the US must get to where it is “not reliant on folks who are not necessarily our friends.” We need to be more serious about wind and nuclear power.He addressed concerns on citizen privacy with the current phone tapping policy. He said it makes sense that if it’s OK to listen to phone calls from Saudi Arabia to Paris, France that it should be OK to listen to calls from Saudi Arabia to Paris, Texas. He stated that laws are already in place and most just allowed the intelligence community to finally talk to national and local law enforcement.In response to a question about the new drug plans, he stated it was a good idea but so many people signed up that the system was not prepared and they are trying very hard to get the system running smoothly.Asked what we can do as citizens to encourage Congress to not get so close to lobbyists, he said we can’t legislate morality but they were working on setting better guidelines and establishing laws.His closing comment was that “you are the customer and he is here to serve us. There are 652,000 people in the district and each one is important to him.”

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