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Hey Mr. Dopeman You Think You’re Slick

By Robert Lilly



I don’t have time for all the niceties of formality, what I have to say today requires a directness of approach: Our future is dying and we are the cause!{{more}} The proverbial ‘we’ in the statement above in not meant to be an indictment of everybody in the community, rather it is only meant to fit those who can wear the shoe; both the guilty and the neglectful. Those two groups are at the heart of my protest. There are some in our community who love money more than they love God, family and freedom and so they will go to any length to secure stacks of money: robbery, thievery, conning, or dope manufacturing or dealing. These people are like vampires, once you allow them into your life they will drain you of all your blood! And their excuses are elaborate: ‘I gotta eat’, or ‘I am doing this to feed my family’ or ‘Man, everybody got some type of hustle’ or ‘if it wasn’t me then it would be somebody else’. On and on the lies they tell themselves continue. The other group is represented by the inability to act or the failure to act. They say, “It is not my problem!” Or they are in some way beneficiaries of this chicanery on the part of the other group. After all, when Mr. Dopeman wants a car, where does he go? He goes to a car dealer, when he wants a sound system; he goes to the local business man who provides the speakers for him to pollute the environment with his or her ignorance. This is not harsh- it is real! The business people cannot feign ignorance; they know who their legitimate customers are and who are suspect. True they can’t refuse their business but they can provide information to the authorities about who is using large sums of cash to pay for merchandise and thus could likely be a criminal type. Instead, they close their eyes to what they see, and for the same reason as the criminal- to make a buck! They too think they are slick. That is until the day the dope or dealer visits their house or their family and brings in his company the grim reaper or an angel of death. But then it may be too late to change those wicked and conniving ways. Last year at least nine people died, nine young men, in this city, most were under 30 years of age and all, as far as I can remember had been impacted by the ‘death-style’ of the streets, that is fast money, gang affiliations and drugs. My purpose in recalling them is not to insult the dead but to remind this community of what is going on daily. Daily someone is cooking methamphetamines, and distributing it in our community, some of that dope will go into the hands of youthful experimenters and curious thrill seekers. Daily someone is cooking up crack cocaine and distributing it onto the streets. This drug is getting into the hands of young people of all colors and backgrounds, but the one thing they have in common is a desire to make fast money and live a flashy lifestyle. What they don’t know and fail to see is that Mr. Dopeman does not have a retirement plan, and what he flaunts in front of them will soon belong to someone else when he or she is caught and sentenced to some extremely lengthy sentence in prison. That is a part of the story that they leave out when they pass the sack along to the next ignorant youngster who thinks they’ve got everything under control. I can’t tell you how many times in my past life I have been in the Taylor County Jail with these so-called Hustlers’ who thought they had it going on in the streets, only to wind up in jail without the bail money they needed to bond out or for that matter hire an attorney to fight the felony charges they were now stuck with. This happened because all of the so-called ‘fast’ money they had made went to the car dealers, and music stores and the mall. Next thing that happens, if they get out, with probably some family member’s money for bond, is that they go back to selling dope only now instead of going to the mall with their money, it goes to pay a bond company and an attorney, who will more than likely get the dummy to make a plea on the charge. A plea means that they agree to accept that they are guilty as charged or they plead no contest to the charges for a lower sentence. So, the question becomes: who does this criminal activities ultimately benefit the criminal or the system?We can no longer, in the African American community, say that the White man is bringing the dope in to our community because fact of the matter is that it’s black folk and Hispanic folk who are supplying us now. They are on the highways doing it the so-called ‘fly way’. And so they are the source of our problem. We need a social laxative to unstop our body politic, as a community and to flush these vermin out into the light of day so that we can address their behaviors. If we fail to do so and continue to accept them and their ill-gotten gain, as many mothers and fathers do with eyes closed, we will continue to see more young dead bodies in the city of Abilene, TX. For those who do not know, bad dope is going around Abilene, Texas; these dealers are trying to stretch their product to maximize their profit. This is going to lead to murder and overdoses. Do not say I didn’t warn you- because you have now been warned.

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