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By | December 3, 2010

“I have enjoyed the news letter.” – D.Jennings“Floyd, this is great and the articles are very interesting. Thanks. Congrats on the progress and success of your newspaper” – Bettye G.“Great edition, I enjoyed the extended warranty article and Heff’s Burger article. I’ heading to Heff’s to try their fresh burgers on Friday” – D. Ortiz“Great paper. I CAN’T BELIEVE ACU IS PLAYING FOOTBALL LIKE THAT” – M. Dixon“Content is excellent!” – H. Satisfield“The West Texas Youth Football League is currently in its playoff season. I think an article on the league with a special emphasis on one of the league’s longest standing coaches , would be great for the league, the community and volunteerism.” – O. Dolton“WOW, Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!” – H. Kelly