Helping Other People

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By Don Swinney | March 1, 2013

For a guy whose father-in-law-to-be did everything he could to run me off because he thought I had nothing to offer his daughter; I’ve lived a rich reward and dream fulfilling life.   As strange as it might seem, I’ve come to the conclusion that it seems like there it is inborn in humans to want to help their fellow humans. I had come to this conclusion several years ago, but it surfaced again just a few weeks ago. One of the people who survived the mass shooting in the movie theater in Colorado recently was being interviewed. Her boyfriend died while shielding her body with his. She said she felt the need to get up as quickly as possible so she could “help others.” She probably didn’t know another person in that theatre, but she felt the need to crawl out from under her boyfriend’s body so she could help others. {{more}}   For about 13 years we had our own 5013 organization, which is IRA talk for a non-profit organization. We helped thousands of people in bunches of ways. Now that we’re old and out of money, it’s all coming back to us.   We were on our way to Dallas and had a flat. A young man who was a pilot at Dyess Air Force Base stopped and fixed it for us. Another time our car overheated. Five cars stopped and offered help. One insisted on following me home to make sure it didn’t happen again. My wife had a break down on the way to town. A lady and her two teenage children stopped. The young man not only diagnosed the problem, but wouldn’t leave until it was fixed. It took him two hours. Then he absolutely would not take any pay. I could tell of the others, but as the saying goes, “what goes around comes around.”   None of the people who helped us had any knowledge of our life of helping others. Helping others makes you feel good inside. And the less able the “helpees” are to return the favor, the better the feeling. When we lived in Germany, I shoveled the snow off the sidewalk of two old German ladies who lived next door. Shortly after, they knocked on our door offering German delicacies as an act of gratitude.