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Help Your Dog Live a Longer and Healthier Life

By Statepoint



At its most basic level, the bond between dog and owner is as strong as any inter-species relationship. One man even dove into a marina to save his terrier from a shark attack in 2008. Now that’s love! And what better way to demonstrate that love for your dog than by extending his or her lifespan. {{more}}With a smart combination of feeding and exercise, you can extend the amount of time you’ll enjoy together, say experts. Find the Right Food “Nutrition is the foundation of canine health. The best food should be based on your dog’s needs: age, weight, mental or physical problems, and to a lesser degree breed. Remember there is no one food that can provide all the nutritional needs for all dogs,” says Mark Poveromo, author of the new book “To Your Dog’s Health! Canine Nutrition and Recent Trends Within the Pet Food Industry.” Scrutinize food labels, to find items high in Omega three acids and proteins instead of grains or carbohydrates. These help ensure long-term health and ward off certain diseases. Look for foods with labels listing specific proteins and not generic information. “For example, trout is better than a generic ‘fish meal,'” explains Poveromo, who also is the founder of Thomaston Feed, the East Coast’s largest holistic pet food retailer. Exercise Together Daily exercise is a vital part of any dog’s health prospects. But don’t simply let your dog into the backyard and wait for it to start running around. Dogs require more interactive exercise regimens involving long walks and toys. Teaching your dog to retrieve can make this regimen even easier. These types of exercises help them learn to rest calmly while improving bone, joint, ling and heart health. Become the Dog Chef Nowhere does it say you can only feed your dog the contents of a can. Feel free to take a more hands-on approach. Including certain basic and pure foods like chicken and vegetables can help fix many issues involving odor, weight, and allergies. High-quality, pure ingredients not mixed with other additives are easier to digest and less taxing to your dog’s system. “And it’s critical to supplement your dog’s diet,” adds Poveromo. “A multi vitamin/mineral is a must. An immune system builder should also be a strong consideration.” For more information about keeping your dog healthy, visit or read the new book, “To Your Dog’s Health!” Monitoring your dog’s nutrition and exercise can contribute to a long and healthy life. And it’s much easier than fending off a shark attack.

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