Harry Potter the last book

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By Joe Starkey | August 1, 2007

The last Harry Potter book was released at 12:01 AM Saturday, July 21st and there were long lines all over the United States waiting. Friday night, my daughter who grew up with Harry was at Books a Million {{more}} with me to admire the folks willing to come in costume and stay up till midnight to pick up their copy of the last book.Letters were written to local papers condemning the book, the movies – basically the entire concept of Harry Potter. Many of these letters were hostile and belittling but written by people who never bothered to read the books or see the movies before condemning and calling names. Condemnation without knowledge is the worst form of prejudice and bigoty. There was even one letter condemning Hardin Simmons for sponsoring a first in the nation preview of the latest Harry Potter movie. They had to have written the letter before the showing of the movie and most definitely did not come down to protest in person. That I know because my daughter was one of the prosective HSU students invited and was kind enough to invite her parents. All the WTT readers know that if there had been a protest anywhere that I attended, the paper would have photographs and a story. So let’s talk about the series. It can be seen as stories of witches and soccorsers or it can be seen as the story of a young man and his friends growing up thru their teen years while engaged in a struggle between good and evil. It’s probably obvious from my writing that I agree with the second version. Either way, it’s a series that is a “good read” because it tells the story well and is interesting to read. I never expect to fly on a broom or become proficient with a wand or have any of my friends or family to have those abilities. I don’t believe it will lead reasonable people to believe that either or to change them from or to any other beliefs they currently practice. If my faith was so weak that I thought a children’s book could change what my children thought, I would already be seeking a new faith.Enjoy the book for what it is. A trip into fantasy, well told and a tool for teaching children to enthusiastically read.