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By Floyd Miller | January 17, 2022

Floyd Miller

How many times have you heard Happy New Year in the last few days? It is certainly a nice thing to say, and I believe it is a genuine wish.

I think the key to a Happy New Year will be your attitude and my attitude. There are some things that will happen in 2022 that we will not have control over. However, there is one thing that we control and that’s our attitude. Our attitudes determine how high we rise or how low we sink. We can choose our attitude.

Happiness is an inside job. If each of us will take a little more time to work on ourselves, it could truly be a Happy New You, Happy New Me and a Happy New Year for all.

Our Unsung Hero this month is Mr. Tommy Lee Jones Sr. Every time I have been around him, he has had a positive attitude and a big smile. Read his story below and learn more about him. When you see Mr. Jones, show him some love and respect, give him a pat on the back. He deserves it.

I am counting on the readers of the West Texas Tribune to suggest Unsung Heroes. Sometimes they are hiding in plain sight. Please feel free to email me at westtexastribune@yahoo.com. Put ‘unsung hero’ in the subject line. You may also call 325-829-5585.

“It’s Everything West Texas” podcast will be hosted on the KACU website. It is something that we are very excited about. We are open to suggestions on topics and individuals that are connected to west Texas.

Every death brings sorry and pain to us when we lose those we know. No death goes unnoticed by God the giver of life. Today we note the passing of a few individuals that were well known or had influence that went beyond their family and friends.

December 8, Dr. Terry Lee Childers, born in Abilene, Texas. Terry’s humble beginnings in no way hindered him from reaching success at every level. Terry was connected with some of the most powerful people in this country, and although he became powerful and influential, he never lost the common touch. To read more about Terry Childers, see the story to the right of this column.

December 25, Munirak George Kim, owner of AM Donuts. Kim was born in Cambodia in 1973. His family escaped the Khmer Rouge in 1979. Kim’s parents would eventually come to America, and George would eventually come to Abilene. George is survived by his wife, Skol, and two children. He is mourned by the Abilene Community.

One thing Dr. Childers and Mr. Kim have had in common was a can-do positive attitude.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the MLK March and The MLK Banquet. Those participating in the march should gather at 1:30 p.m. at 342 Cockerell in the C.G. Woodson Center parking lot. Banquet is at 6 p.m. at the Convention Center. Chaplain Richard E. Stoglin is the keynote speaker.

Happy New You, Happy New Year!

Floyd Miller is the Publisher of The West Texas Tribune, host of It’s Everything West Texas and a financial advisor. He can be reached at 325-676-0138 or 325-829-5585.

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