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Halloween Tips from The Cat Lady

By Anynmous



As the Halloween season approaches, people start thinking about the safety of their children. But – have you started to think about the safety of your pets? There are just as many dangers to our furry friends during this Trick-or-Treat season as there are to your kids that you may want to think about too!Here are a few safety tips to follow to protect your pets from harm during this spoooooky night:KEEP YOUR PETS SAFE – KEEP THEM INDOORS! There’s a lot of traffic and, unfortunately, more animal abuse during this holiday, so keep them safe and watch that front door!KEEP YOUR PETS CALM! Ringing doorbells, loud noises and scary costumes can frighten your pets. Keep them comfortable in a room of your home where they won’t be stressed by the activity.BEWARE OF SPOOOKY DECORATIONS! Rubber bands on masks can choke your pet or cause intestinal blockage. Fake spider webs can do the same! Halloween light cords and pumpkin candles can also hurt your curious pet. Don’t let a fun pumpkin-carving evening turn bad either as the sharp pumpkin seeds can really hurt their mouths!SILLY RABBIT, CANDY IS FOR KIDS! Tasty chocolate and other candy is a potentially deadly treat for your pets within hours of eating it. Make sure the pets stay away from the candy!MAKE YOUR PET’S COSTUME SAFE! If you dress up your pets for Halloween, please make sure they are 1) not too tight, 2) they can breathe easily, 3) they can see, and most important that they 4) don’t overheat! If you’re walking with your pet, make sure to bring some water for them!HELP PROTECT OUR FURRY FRIENDS! Over the years, the black cat has become a spooky symbol of Halloween. It’s unfortunate that they become a target for abuse during this holiday. Please – teach your kids that it’s NEVER ok to harm any animal. Let’s keep our innocent kitties safe from harm this year and watch out for other animals while trick-or-treating! As always, if you SEE any animal abuse, please report it immediately!The Cat Lady is a professional pet sitting business, owned and operated by Chrystal Gapinski of Westminster, Colorado. She is registered with the State of Colorado and is a member of Pet Sitters International, Professional United Pet Sitters, LLC, Pet Sitters Associates, LLC, North Metro Denver Pet Sitters and the Humane Society of the United States. She is certified in Pet CPR and First Aid by the American Red Cross and is fully insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.She is also the principle founder of The Cat Lady Rescue and Adoption Center, a no-kill cat shelter that will be opening soon!

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