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Groom Sings to Bride at Freedom Fellowship Wedding; WhereThere is Freedom There is Love

By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd



A cherished moment took place at Freedom Fellowship last July as a couple exchanged vows under a fancy decorated arch. The groom sang a beautiful song to the bride expressing his innermost feelings of love through the lyrics of what was his own written creation. Rainbow, rainbow of beauty is I see, rainbow when I see you, I see me. It’s not like you can come and go, I want for you to stay and make melody for eternity, to dance and sing in the rain, rainbow. Michael, 46 and Telia Solis, 46, became husband and wife with Bruce Campbell, one of the fellowship leaders officiating in a ceremony that took place in front of family and friends. The couple chose to marry at the church because they have attended the fellowship for three years. “The spirit of the Lord is there, we love the people and the energy.” shares Telia. Michael is originally from Abilene, and Telia is from Matador, Texas she has two daughters, Jennifer, and Brenda. Telia has five grandchildren and one on the way. The bridesmaid was Jane Smith who is Telia’s cousin. It was the first time for Michael to tie the knot. Having been raised in a traditional upbringing and having being taught that the husband makes the living and is in charge of the household. How did he feel about the marriage ceremony? It was an experience for me because I wanted to know what marriage was the way God sees it. He consecrated our marriage.” He said. It was a happy occasion as the guests joined the newlyweds at their reception for cake and punch. Memories were made at the church that day and will stay in the couple’s new found life together each time they attend the fellowship on Wednesday.

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