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Greater Kiwanis Club Observes Pastor Appreciation Day and Names Layperson of the Year

By Joe Starkey



The meeting started with the recognition of Mr. Floyd Miller as “Layperson of the Year”. His life philosophy has three main aspects. First he tries to serve God. Next he tries not to do anything that would embarrass himself or his family. Mr. Nelson Wilson introduced the pastors present and the laypersons representing different churches. He also shared memories of his service at Dyess AFB with the featured speaker, Dr. Houston McLendon of King Solomon Baptist Church. Nelson told of the time that the spirit literally took Dr. McLendon and he ran circles around the Dyess Chapel praising the Lord while he ran.{{more}}Dr. Houston McLendon was the keynote speaker. Photo by Joe StarkeyDr. McLendon spoke of “Walking together”. He told us he had gone into the Air Force from Arkansas as “an angry young man” with all that white people represented. His first several years were served in a segregated force that did little if anything to change his anger. Then he was transferred to Thailand where he expected the same. His first indication that this would be different was the Confederate Flag hanging on his roommate’s side of the room. He reached in his bag for his Black Power Flag which he had recently received. He hung it on his side of the room and sat back for the coming confrontation. To his amazement, his roommate instead came in, sat down and started explaining the colors and symbols – not of the confederate flag- but of the black power flag. This started a relationship and each learned to walk together in Jesus. Dr. McLendon learned from his roommate Stan that to do so, you have to move out of your safety zone. Dr. McLendon talked more about walking together. He then talked of the tendency of people to gather with like people and commented that churches on Sunday morning are the most segregated places in America. He told of Jesus having to leave his disciples behind in order to approach the woman at the well in order to develop a relationship with this person of another faith.He closed by telling of the hug he received when he came into the dining room today and how he “felt the fire” that would mark today’s walk together. He stated that to “walk together” we must have common motive. Next we must walk at the same pace so we can communicate. Last we must share our goals so that all know where the walk is going and do not let differences separate you.“Walk Together – Do Not Get Weary.”Floyd Miller was presented the Layperson of the Year award by his minister Steve Smith. Photo by David Fairchilds

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