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Governor Perry Visits Adam High School

By Joe Starkey



AISD’s third high school is an Academy of Technology, Engineering, Math and Science. Adam High School is one of only 70 schools like this in the United States. Part of the principal’s instructions to the students sounded like they were coming from my high school principal forty five years ago. “Sit up straight and don’t slouch. Don’t hesitate to ask good questions.” Part was something I could have never imagined when he told them that the Governor’s office had approved photos and videos by the students but wanted to know the type of media that these would be used – facebook, twitter, texting or others.{{more}}Talking with Jeremiah Dismukes – I wanted to know his interests and why he was attending this school instead of AHS or Cooper. He stated he likes computers but also really likes to work with his hands. The teachers here teach in a positive and innovative way and we can concentrate on making technology work. One of the staffJeremiah Dismukes enjoys a comment by a friend. Photo by Joe Starkey.said their job was to prepare the students for a fast changing world and give them the tools to succeed and contribute even if the technology changes beyond what we now consider possible.Governor Perry stated that the classroom is where you have to focus the theory and materials to make the people of Texas succeed in the now and the future. He came to the school to announce a new program that will help keep as much money as possible in the classroom. It is intended to encourage schools to cooperate across districts to consolidate tasks such as book keeping and other administrative tasks. The program allows the schools/districts to keep the money saved by these types of innovations and also gives them a ten percent bonus of the money saved in the first year from the state.He stated that keeping students focused is a major task. The state has started a program called I-Tune University that allows the most innovative teachers across Texas to put content into the program and then students and schools across Texas can have access to these great teachers. He stated that over 156,000 thousand teachers were currently organized in eight groups to discuss learning techniques Rachel Woodall and Mariah Pena are 9th gradters and both used their phones to take photos and videos od the Governor. Photo by Joe Starkey.and develop lesson plans. Virtual University allows students to go on-line to earn credits in courses not available in their school. They can also use the program to graduate early to advance into the work force or college. He assured students that their information would be protected and that all schools would have access to the program.Governor Perry repeated his stand on debating Mr. Bill White when asked by the media. He demands the release of Mr. White’s tax returns back in the early 1990’s as his major condition. He said that he has debated in every campaign he has run and that is the only obstacle standing in the way of this debate. He said that he had turned down Federal funds that come with too many strings attached. He believes the Federal Government is “spending money that we have not earned yet.” Asked about term limits – he said they would be counter-productive when the person is successful. My personal belief is that the people that really need term limits are the Federal staff in Washington. I propose that no person be allowed to draw a federal salary for more than five years in a 50 mile radius around Washington unless elected by the people to serve there. Most of the elected officials admit they have not read the entire health bill but the staff personnel are the ones that put their dreams and wishes together in this bill as they do many laws and regulations that entangle the U.S.

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