Governor Perry Campaigns at Frontier Texas

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By Joe Starkey | September 1, 2010

Strong supporters of a political figure are willing to wait for a scheduled appearance. Governor Perry was scheduled to be at Frontier Texas at noon but while supporters waited, he was telling 9th and 10th graders at Adam High School his plans for the future of Texas Education. That talk started at 11:45 and the enthusiastic reception he received kept him there until 12:30. He arrived to strong applause at Frontier Texas at almost 1 PM.This visit concentrated on how well his administration created a business atmosphere in Texas and that CNBC had rated Texas as the best state in the U.S. to conduct business. He took credit for the anti lawsuit legislation that has made Texas a better place to do business and to be a medical professional. It’s not that you can’t get sued but that the frivolous lawsuits are becoming a part of history and not a fact of business. He believes that his administration has “done a very good job at creating a place to do business.”{{more}} “I am a pro business Governor.” Nothing is more important than creating a place where a person or business can feel good about risking their money on a new business.He stated that 1,000 people a day are moving to Texas. This has resulted in U Haul charging $800 to $1,000 for a trailer to go from San Francisco to Austin but only $300 or $400 to go from Austin to San Francisco as they try to get all the trailers people have left in Texas back to other parts of the U.S.His biggest concern about Texas is Washington D.C. “They are spending money that we have not earned yet.” Texas is the only state that has created more jobs despite refusing big portions of the stimulus money. The Stimulus money did not really work the way the Obama administration said it would. Texas has refused funds from programs such as “Race to the Top” because he and the teachers of Texas understood the strings attached that would still be here long after the money was gone. The Health Care Plan will “ration medical care in Texas” and costs much more than they said it would when passing this bill. He stated Americans are coming out of a long slumber. They are telling congress to “quit spending money” and starting to oust politicians who got elected as Republican but when they got to Congress “started acting like the Democrats they really were.” He answered a question about “what is Texas doing to stop Obamacare?” stating that it is already in effect but Texas is pushing back with lawsuits on the constitutionality of many of the provisions. He told those attending that lawsuits and such are long term and slow but they had the opportunity in 60 days to send an instant message to Congress with their vote.Governor Perry received enthusiastic applause when he stated that enforcing the border is the most important job of the Federal Government. He complimented Representative Susan King and those Texans like her in the Texas representatives that have appropriated over 230 million dollars to help defend the border but even with that help the Federal Government is “still not doing their job.” He believes that at some point there will be a major spill over of violence from Mexico into Texas and the Federal Government will have really failed to do one of the three jobs that are their reason for existence. Even now they have failed because they have allowed the drug cartels to shut down much of the commerce to and from Mexico – a major trading partner of Texas and the U.S.Questioned on the moratorium imposed after the Gulf oil spill, he stated it was an uneducated, knee-jerk reaction. He compared the effect as similar to closing down the entire airline industry in the event of the crash of a single air plane. Stating that President Obama is putting the U.S. on a socialist path, he called on the voters to send a message in 60 days that the current government can understand. “We must elect people who will go and do what they say they will.” “Remember November.”