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Golfers: How to Get the Best Tee Times On a Busy Weekend

By Statepoint



No matter if you are new to the sport or an old pro, most golfers have the same complaint: finding time to hit the golf course. That’s why for most of us, getting in a round of golf is relegated to weekends or vacations. Unfortunately, the weekends are the busiest times for most courses and securing a good tee time can be tough. By arming yourself with some tricks of the trade, however, there are several ways to land the best tee times, even on the busiest weekends. {{more}}”It’s all about knowing how to stay a step ahead when competing with other golfers for tee times. This way you can book the best times before others get to them, or can choose to play during lighter periods,” says Ron Ward, General Manager of, a part of Active Network, a Web site that allows users to book tee times at hundreds of golf courses across North America. Here are some tips from Ward on how to get those prized tee times: * Beat Them to It: Most golfers book tee times 2.4 days in advance for most courses, according to statistics from So book your spot on Monday or Tuesday for the coming weekend, instead of procrastinating until later in the week. You’ll have more choices of courses and tee times and lower prices available. * Heat it Up: Golfers tend to book tee times more in advance during months when there is more sunshine. Be willing to play in the heat and sun, when others are retiring to the clubhouse. * Book Lighter Times: According to Ward, most golfers crowd onto the course at the same times — typically between 10 am and 1 pm on most courses. So, the early bird or late risers usually can get a tee time, even when booking later in the week. * Tap the Web: By going online to book your time, you can move quickly and avoid hassles. For example, enables users to book tee times at hundreds of golf courses and even offers last minute tee time specials and daily emails offering discounted times. Booking online also enables you to secure tee times even in the middle of the night, when other golfers are sleeping. * Take a Drive: Go off the beaten path. Drive a bit out of your way to find less-crowded courses. You’ll broaden your horizons and vary your game. And you might even improve your game by tackling new challenges. * Pony Up: When all else fails, shell out a little more green to get on the green. The best times at top courses will cost more than other tee times. So dig deeper if you really want that certain spot on a busy weekend. “Just like knowing what club to hit off the tee, being educated on the best ways to book a tee time gives you an edge over the rest of the field,” adds Ward. “And once you’ve landed a choice tee time, make sure to give yourself ample time to stretch out, warm up the swing and get a feel for the greens.”

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