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By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd | November 1, 2012

Sometimes it seems like forever before myship will sail in A foggy mist dampened the harvest ofsweet flowers. Purple daffodils with yellow nectardissolved with a grin The lighthouse on the bay lost a powerfulglow.   Shattered dreams seemed to have takenaway my lost kin Where the sunshine once emerged throughwindows With the sounds of pitter, patter feetall around the house A gloomy spirit seemed to fade mychildhood fun. {{more}} Then one day a God sent invitationarrived via heart delivered Descending from beautiful clouds blowinga trumpet A heavenly angel brightly shined thelight of Jesus in my heart reminding me of a seed that was plantedlong ago The seed that is the key to the door Of never ending happiness where God’schildren Will be sharing the kingdom …..God ourFather’s kingdom Victorious healing will become joyousliving My ship will sail on forever. In Heaven.   Thank you God for restoring lostrelationships. I claim victory by the blood of the lambof Jesus Christ…